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I am Diana Rakov, interior designer and decorator based in Israel. Creating upscale residential interiors is my specialty, but I also design for high-end commercial and hospitality projects.

I have 15 years experience designing and decorating luxury properties with several of the world’s leading interior design brands and most successful architectural offices in Israel.  I am familiar with a wide range of top-quality European furniture and home décor producers.


I chose to collaborate with the Italian exquisite brand Bruno Zampa to create a total-look custom-made design with uncompromising quality.

I use my knowledge and my creative vision to develop unique and sophisticated concept designs which take into account clients' lifestyle and expectations. 

I believe that every client has his own story, therefore my goal is to provide you with the creative and functional aesthetic design that fits your preferences.  I pay attention to the details that are important to you, and will offer you many creative options to fulfill your vision.


I manage my projects from the initial concept design throughout the entire construction process.  I take care of all interior design elements, including furniture, staircases, floors, ceilings, wall decoration, lighting, textile, tableware and pieces of art.  I coordinate and manage orders and logistics until the final installation is complete.

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